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xlCompare is an Excel file comparison tool. Almost 90% of Excel users need to compare their Excel files for differences on the regular basis. For instance, you have several price lists received from different suppliers, or accounting statements or financial statements in Excel file format (XLSX, XLSM, XLS). What are the differences between them? xlCompare is an Excel Diff Tool which does this job quickly and accurately. Just in a seconds you will have color coded report with all changes, found in your spreadsheets.

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What makes xlCompare so useful and powerful
excel file comparison tool?

Look into list of features in the software. It speaks for itself.

Find Changed Cells

xlCompare checks all cells in your spreadsheet for differences in:

  • Constant Value
  • Calculated Value
  • Formula
  • Background Color
  • Border
  • Font
  • Number Formatting
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Color

The most common case - changed value. If you are working on the Financial Model and output values has being changed, xlCompare points you to the changed input values.

What if you have volatile functions (RAND, INDIRECT, ...) in formulas? On the every run they produce a lot of discrepancies. It is hard to understand where the actual modification is. Open Options and exclude Calculated Values from being Compared. Now xlCompare looks for changes in the constant cells and formulas.

See how xlCompare works on the real example. Find differences between worksheets, merge several sheets into one and more ...

XLS Diff and Merge Tool in the Action

Find Changed Formulas

All formulas and array formulas are checked for modification. xlCompare displays changes in the formula text with color formatting. You get comprehensive report about modification.

Find Changed Formatting

If you've changed background color or text color or other attributes of cell formatting in some of the cells - xlCompare finds them and reports you list of these changes.

Find Unique Rows

Your co-worker inserts new row into worksheet, saves it and send to you. How to locate it in the worksheet? xlCompare finds unique rows and marks them with color. There will be no problems in locating them on the worksheet.

Color Coded Comparison Report

Results of the comparison are marked with color on the worksheet. This is done to standardize formatting for modified cells and for new and deleted rows and columns. If you see this formatting you immediately understand - this cell has being changed or this row has being removed or inserted into the worksheet.

Side-by-side view

It is highly important to find all changes in the excel worksheets. But representation of the comparison results have same importance.

This diff tool tries to give you comparison results in the best of the possible ways.

xlCompare inserts virtual rows and columns into the corresponding worksheet to align rows. In this case changed cells appear on the same level. Do not spend your time to locate corresponding cell. Just look on same row on the other panel.

Display Difference

xlCompare displays cell original value and modified value in same cell. This unique option is present in the xlCompare only and named Extended View. You immediately get information which value was changed and how. Do not look for the corresponding value at all. Next option Display Difference replaces modified value with difference between value in this cell and corresponding value. Spreadsheet view informs you - value was increased or decreased and what is the change.

Information Tooltip

You see changed cell on the screen, but what actually was changed in it - value or formula or formatting? Put your mouse over this cell and Tooltip Window reports you comparison details - complete information about this discrepancy.

Comparison Summary Report

How much differences we have in these excel files? How much time should I spend to look through all worksheets for differences?

Difference Explorer window, located below worksheet panels, displays Comparison Summary. All differences, found in the compared worksheets and VBA modules, are grouped by type and published as single list. This list has hierarchical structure, so you can drill down into sheets, then into rows, cells, etc. Changed cells, Unique Rows and Columns are published in the separate groups.

This report is very easy to understand and use.

Ignore Hidden Rows (Columns)

Your spreadsheet has hidden rows? xlCompare has an option to ignore them. So, this is your decision whether to ignore them or include into comparison.

If you want to exclude some data from being compared with corresponding worksheet - hide this row or column and select an option to ignore hidden data. xlCompare will leave this data and process only visible cells.

Ignore Calculated Values (optional)

In some case you need to focus on the text of the formula and ignore values produced in calculations. xlCompare has an option to ignore values in the cells with formula. In addition you can ignore changes in the constant values and analyze only text of the formulas.

Filter Changed Cells

xlCompare offers you several filtering options, to get only changed data, only equal rows and only unique rows. Leave only rows you need to copy them to other file, save on disk in the Excel workbook file (XLSX) or print.

Highlight Differences

In one click you can format all cells with modifications and unique rows on your worksheet with color. This makes them easily identifiable among other worksheet cells.

Create Intersection and Union

xlCompare gives you a command to join 2 lists into single one or extract common records from 2 tables. After Excel tables are compared - xlCompare is able to perform all database operations on them. We know which rows are unique and which ones were updated, so we can join lists or create a difference - get records present in one list, but which are not found in the another one.

Print Comparison Summary

Print your worksheet without changing cell formatting and saving file. xlCompare prints your file with corresponding value in cell, or with difference and with red\green icons, which indicate increase or decrease of the value.

We suggest you to print sheet to PDF file. In this case you can send this formatted copy to your co-worker or save it on disk for future use.

Merge Cells

xlCompare is not only Excel Diff Tool. This is feature rich tool to compare and merge Excel worksheets. After you have comparison report on the screen, you have merge command visible in every Changed Cell and in every Unique Row (Column). Browse modifications on the worksheet and merge them one by one. Easy and quickly. In this case you have full control on the data being merged.

Mass Merge

If you are working with large Excel tables - merging rows one-by-one is not effective. For this purpose we offer you bulk merge commands. In single click you have your worksheets merged. This command quickly and accurately inserts data from another worksheet into your file. You get the results in seconds.

Undo Merge

Once you've merged cells in your worksheets you can undo all merge operations or undo only specific one. Merge operation is not permanent. Only when you exit from the comparison report, you can't undo them. But until you are working with your Comparison Report - you can merge, undo and merge again if needed.

Compare VBA Modules

Worksheet comparison is not complete without processing VBA project. VBA project is an important part of the Excel file (XLS, XLSM). Almost all Excel developers need this feature (VBA Project Diff Tool) for a version control.

xlCompare compares VBA modules and gives you color coded and perfectly aligned comparison report for the VBA code. Code is compared on the function level. We try to give you as accurate results as possible.

Compare VBA Forms and Controls

xlCompare is the only tool on the market which compares and merges VBA Form and Controls. For the Visual Basic developer this is a pain to merge forms modified by a co-worker. xlCompare displays all controls in the hierarchical tree form, like a Project Browser window in the Visual Basic editor of the Microsoft Excel application. This tool identifies new control and changed control's properties. If you've moved a control in the previous version of your workbook or changed font or background color - xlCompare points you to this modification.

Merge VBA Modules

Merge your VBA code quickly and easily. Every modified line has a checkbox near beginning. Just click it and get your code merged into another module. This option is common for xlCompare merge operations - click on the checkbox forces xlCompare to apply this change to other workbook.

Merge VBA Forms and Controls

Same for forms and controls. With xlCompare you can move new VBA form from your version of the workbook into common version, and commit it into repository. Merge controls, control properties and code associated with control event handlers.

Command Line mode

All commands implemented in the xlCompare are available from the command line mode. Call xlCompare from the command line to get results in the console mode, or to start with Comparison Report immediately without selecting comparison options. Command Line mode covers all operations. You can use it in the BAT files or integrate with third party applications.

More about command line mode xlCompare: Command Line Options

3-Way comparison

Compare 2 different versions of the same workbook, which have common base file. This is very often situation in the multi-user environment. You and your co-worker are working on the same file. How to resolve conflicts? xlCompare identifies changes made in MINE and THEIR versions of the excel file in comparison with command BASE excel file. Merge your changes and resolve conflicts in a few seconds. Just give this work to xlCompare.

SVN\GIT integration

Excel model are often added to the SVN\GIT environment for version control. So, you need to have a XLS Diff Viewer to show what was changed between different versions. In other words - to compare two excel files for differences, resolve merge conflicts between concurrent modifications. With Command Line mode you will do this work as easy as possible.

More about third-party tool integration xlCompare: SVN\GIT Integration

Drill Down Precedents

This is bonus feature. If you are working with complex model with 1000+ formulas, it is hard to determine which cells are dependent and which ones are independent. xlCompare displays precedent cells in the structured hierarchical form, with ability to drill down in depth. So, you can find input values of the any cell with formula. Also, xlCompare recognizes indirect calculations (for example OFFSET worksheet function) and drills into result of these function calls.

Drill Down Calculations

Another bonus. Need to find out where the formula result came from - xlCompare divides your formula into parts and calculate each argument of the operation. You are getting a calculation tree for every formula expression. Drill down into this tree to see how the value was calculated. Drill down into subsequent calculations into dependent formulas. Try this feature and it will same you a lot of time.

Display Calculation Order

This feature is just for your information. Want to see all formulas in your workbook in the calculation order? What can be easily. xlCompare gives you this list with ability to export it into text format to save on disk.


As you see - xlCompare is a complex and feature rich Excel file compare and merge tool. It is a good investment, which saves your time and money.

Put your focus into important tasks while xlCompare is doing routine work for you with a maximum accuracy.

How xlCompare works

Visit this page to find detailed explanation of using xlCompare on the real examples. See how we solve various tasks with xlCompare.

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