xlCompare - Diff and Merge Tool
for Excel Workbooks

Use xlCompare to compare and merge Excel worksheets and Visual Basic Forms and Modules.
xlCompare Window

The Benefits of xlCompare

There are dozens of useful features and advantages our product offers. With them, you will quickly do all spreadsheet comparison and merging tasks
you experience on the daily basis!

3-Way Compare and Merge

Compare your version of Excel file with version of your co-worker and merge changes.

Resolve Conflicts

Resolve conflicts between 2 versions of same Excel file. This problem often happens in SVN\GIT environment.

SVN\GIT Integration

Integrate xlCompare as diff-viewer application into your SVN\GIT environment.

Combine Worksheets

Combine several excel worksheets into one in single click.

Compare VB Code and Forms

Compare and merge Visual Basic Code and Form Controls.

Compare Databases

Option to compare unsorted database records. Get the best comparison results depending on your data.

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Why use xlCompare?

Primary goal of xlCompare - comparison and merge operations. Find out what we can do for you.
Compare Database Tables

Color-Coded Diff Report

Perfect visual representation of the comparison results. Represent differences in the native way.

Changed Cells

Find all changes and display original and modified value in one place.

Unique Rows and Columns

xlCompare finds and displays unique rows and columns in the compared worksheets.

Detailed Diff Report and Merge Commands

xlCompare detects every modification on the worksheet - changed cell value or formula, inserted row or column. All modifications are reported it in the color coded form on the worksheet.
  • Detailed Information

    Tooltip window on the changed cell shows detailed information about modification.

  • Extended View

    Display original and modified value (or difference) in the same cell.

  • Merge Icons

    Select range of cells you need and merge it into other worksheet in a single click.

Comprehensive Comparison Summary

Review all differences in one place - Difference Explorer window. Do not review all sheets, searching for changes - just go to this window to browse list of modifications.
Difference Explorer

Complete list of Differences

Difference Explorer gives you native and easy way to browse all differences found between workbooks.

Filter Changed Cells

Keep on screen only records you need - unique, changed or equal

Merge and Bulk Merge

Merge cells one-by-one or merge all changes in one click.

Combine Several Worksheets into One

If you've got data in a form of several Excel worksheets, which should be combined into single sheet - xlCompare will do this work in a seconds and few clicks only. Let it work for you!
Merge Worksheets

Merge Tables

Merge cells between several worksheets in a single click.

Merge Selection

Merge cells in a manual mode - select what you want to copy to another worksheet.

Utilities for Data Processing

Convert Text To Numbers, Trim Strings, etc. xlCompare has a number of useful commands you can use before merging Excel tables.

Compare Visual Basic Code and Forms

Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Projects. Compare changes in the Code Modules and Form Controls. A must have tool for VBA developers!
Compare VBA Projects

Modified Code

xlCompare finds changes in the VBA Modules and displays them with color formatting.

Changed Form Controls

If you've modified form control - it will be detected and displayed by xlCompare.

Merge Commands

Merge VBA Code and Form Controls in single click. Just select code lines and click on the check icon!

xlCompare as a part of Version Control Applications

2 and 3-Way Comparison options with set of command line options allows to integrate xlCompare into Source Control System as Diff Viewer and Merge Tool.

Compare Files with Common Ansector

3-Way comparison - compare changes made by you and your co-worker in the same version of workbook.

Resolve Conflicts

One of the most important version control tasks is to resolve conflicts between different versions of the same file. xlCompare compares 3 versions of Excel workbook - YOUR, BASE and THEIR and gives you comprehensive report of the changes made, with ability to merge conflicts.

Diff Viewer for SVN\GIT Tools

xlCompare supports rich set of the command line options, to be integrated into the SVN\GIT environment as Diff Viewer and Merge Tool.

3-Way Comparison

Resolve conflicts between changes

When working in the multi-user environment conflicted changes are often happen. Few seconds and you resolve them with xlCompare.
Resolve Conflicts

Visual Representation

All differences are marked with colors exactly in the workbook. Conflicts has red color to be more highlighted then other diffs.

Aligned Rows

Inserted\Deleted rows are virtually inserted into same place in the corresponding workbook. This gives native look for the modified worksheets.

Detailed Report

Put cursor over the colored cell to get detailed report about the changes made.

Analyze and Debug Calculations in Depth

xlCompare is not only workbook comparator. This tool has features which makes you more productive in various aspects.
Trace Dependents

Trace Calculations

Drill-down trace of the formula calculations.

Evaluate Formluas

Divide formula into elementary parts and display them in the hierarchical tree form - the most sutable way for recursive analyzys.

Where the Value Came From

Review list of errors and find our where the error came from.

Download xlCompare

Pick the version suitable for your Windows. A free trial is available to help you with the decision-making.

Questions & Answers

Are there any limits in the software?

Evaluation version of xlCompare is full-featured. But it has following limitations:

  • 30-days working period
  • You are not able to save workbooks
  • You are not able to copy cells from worksheet
  • You can't save comparison report on disk
Which version to choose - 64-bit or 32-bit?

If you have 64-bit Windows - install 64-bit version of the xlCompare. It allows to open larger workbooks and use full power of your 64-bit processor.

How does the 30-day trial work?

Once you decide to use xlCompare, you can run a 30-day free trial first. Including all the product features, it will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 30 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.

Are there any special requirements?

No, xlCompare is a completely independent software - it doesn't have any special requirements. You can install it on the any Windows PC.

Do you offer discounts for students?

We offer student and non-profit discounts. Just open a private discussion with us, verify your status and we will provide you with a 25% discount on the regular price. We may ask you to confirm your status with documentation, so please get ready to verify that.

Do I need to register for the Trial?

No. You don't need to register your evaluation license. Just install it and use.

Not Sure If xlCompare Can Work For You?

If you have any questions regarding xlCompare - contact us and we will try to help you.

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