Compare and Merge Excel workbooks

This product uses own smart algorithms to find differences between worksheets and displays comparison results in the user friendly visual form. This is not a usual cell-by-cell comparison. xlCompare finds added, deleted and changed data and allows to quickly merge differences using a few mouse clicks.

xlCompare - compare and merge Excel workbooks

Thank you for choosing xlCompare fast and feature-rich utility to compare and merge Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Compare Excel Worksheets

If you are working with spreadsheet data - xlCompare is a tool you need to compare and merge your worksheets. Find differences in formulas and constant cells, display color coded comparison report and easy to use merge commands and more...

Compare Visual Basic Projects

For a VBA developers we offer an easy way to compare and merge your VBA Modules. If you are creating an Excel Add-in or working in the team environment on the workbook - xlCompare saves a lot of your time. With xlCompare you forget how to merge VBA modules and forms manually.
Primary aspect of the xlCompare is an accurate comparison results, which look like a comparison done by human, and easy to use merge commands. xlCompare compares workbooks in single click. You should not waste a time to select comparison options and learn the product. xlCompare was designed to be as simple as possible.

Why xlCompare?

Compare Workbooks
Process all Worksheets, Names and VBA Projects in compared workbooks.
Time saving functions
With this tool you get 10+ time saving functions to increase your productivity.
Bulk Merge
xlCompare gives you set of commands to merge data in your files with single click.
Extended View
Advanced feature which allows to display differences directly in cells.
Color Coded Repport
xlCompare produces color-coded report which highlights comparison results
Compare VB Project
Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Forms and Controls.
Merge Commands
Syncronize changes between workbooks with Merge commands.
Save Report
Save Comparison report on disk in one of the supported formats.
Command line mode
You can run xlCompare silently using Command Line.
Version Control
xlCompare is a good solution for version control.

Features you need to know

Just make a brief look on this topic and you'll see how to get maximum productivity with xlCompare. This is step-by-step instruction on how to use xlCompare effectively ...

Bonus: Drill-down tracing of the formula calculations

We also offer you a formula evaluation tool which shows how formula value was calculated. Also you can trace calculation and find where the result came from ...
xlCompare is a unique tool on the market which displays color-coded comparison results exactly as they look in Excel application.
It compares large Excel workbooks and gives you results within seconds.
xlCompare - Comparison Results

Extended View mode

This feature is present only in xlCompare
xlCompare displays updated cell values in one place, so you can see modifications directly in the worksheet.
xlCompare:Extended View
Display Difference option gives you ability to see updated value and difference. For example, if you are comparing 2 accounting statements from different month you see actual difference on the every position.

Difference Map

This feature is present only in xlCompare
xlCompare displays map of the found differences on the scrollbar. This gives you visual representation where changes are present on the sheet (module).
xlCompare:Scrollbars with Difference Map
It greately simplifies navigation. You should not analyse list of differences. You see them directly on the scrollbars.

Reflect number of differences on the ribbon

This feature is present only in xlCompare
xlCompare adds count of the differences to each navigation button on the ribbon and to the sheet (module) name.
xlCompare:Count of differences on the worksheets
This works like a filter - differences are divided into groups and you see exactly how much of them are in group.

10+ Time Saving functions

xlCompare gives you set of commands to:
  • Find and Remove Duplicates
  • Sort data on the worksheets by key
  • Remove empty rows on the worksheet
  • Filter values command based on the comparison results
  • Mark comparison results with colors
  • and more ...

Merge Excel workbooks in a few clicks

xlCompare has simple and easy to use commands which allows you to merge worksheet data and visual basic modules. We give you instrument which provides you accurate comparison results. But also gives you ability to combine data from several files. If you are working on the price lists, accounting statements, financial modules - xlCompare is a must have utility.

Bulk Merge commands

xlCompare gives you Bulk operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.

Filter records you need and ignore rest

This feature is present only in xlCompare
With xlCompare you can filter the data you need in a single click. There are several commands you can use depending from the final purpose - just filter or to extract the data.
xlCompare:Filter Cells

Version Control Tool for Excel workbooks

We've designed xlCompare to be used for version control tasks by spreadsheet developers. Command line mode allows you to integrate xlCompare into version control application or into another environment you are using. It could be invoked like an external command and display diffences between 2 versions of your workbooks. Including changed cells, formulas, formatting and Visual Basic Modules. xlCompare is the first tool, which allows to easily find differences between Visual Basic Modules in Excel workbooks.
If you develop Excel add-in, this tool will solve many tasks you encounter on the daily basis.

Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Projects

This feature is present only in xlCompare
With xlCompare you can compare Visual Basic Forms and Modules. This tool detects added forms or modules and merges them to another workbook. Controls on the Form, code lines in the VBA Module - everything is processed by xlCompare. If you are VBA developer, you'll find this tool extremely useful.
xlCompare - Changed Form Controls

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