Why xlCompare.

xlCompare is not a simple tool which performs cell-by-cell comparison in your workbooks. This type of comparison could be done using simple VBA macro. And you don’t need a workbook comparison tool at all in this case.
xlCompare is based on the complex algorithms which compare mixed datasets and give comprehensive results. Our primary goal is to provide comparison results like they were produced by a human. This allows to achieve the best comparison results.
If your data is a database table xlCompare detects this and compares it like a database using Primary Key.
Our team continuously working on this tool to make it as user-friendly as possible.
xlCompare is very easy to use. We don’t ask you for a various comparison options – just point tool to the data it should compare and you’ll receive comprehensive difference report.
xlCompare tries to find the best approach to compare spreadsheets and introduce you comparison results in the most suitable and readable form.
We are always opened for your suggestions and requests. If you need a feature which is not present in the software, we’ll add it in the next update.
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