Using xlCompare to compare Excel files.

Excel workbooks and CSV files are widely used as various reports, templates, pricelists, ... If your daily tasks require comparing Excel workbooks, it is highly important to quickly get accurate comparison results and handle them.
There are several Excel workbook comparison tools on the market. What are the benefits of the xlCompare?
  1. xlCompare is a fast utility. When comparing large workbooks you get results in seconds. This significantly increases your productivity.
  2. xlCompare detects "added", "deleted" and changed data. xlCompare uses own algorithm to compare data. This is not usual cell-by-cell comparison. You can compare "mixed" lists of data and get correct results.
  3. Comparison results are shown exactly in the same way as they are shown in Excel window. xlCompare is the only tool on the market which has such visual representation of the comparison results.
  4. xlCompare has a number of advanced features to mark differences in workbook, to export differences, to edit data in the comparison report window.
  5. You can compare only single sheets in the workbooks or only names or vba macros.
  6. xlCompare is not only a workbook comparison tool. It offers you a number of features to merge Excel workbooks.
  7. You can create intersection of the compared worksheets using xlCompare.
  8. xlCompare can be used from Command line to compare XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, CSV files.
With xlCompare you can quickly solve all tasks, which require comparing excel workbooks or database data.