What customers say about xlCompare.

Ralph Langley: "The best workbook comparison software"
Proc: Extremely useful tool for database data comparison. Perfect visual representation of the comparison report.
Cons: Difference report should be exported to more formats, not only to the workbook and text.
Summary: I need to compare database reports from my co-workers every day and this tool saves a lot of my time. It compares 2 large workbooks in several seconds. Comparison report is perfect. Data can be easily merged and saved directly in the report. Very useful tool.
John Robert: "Great product!"
Proc: We use Excel extensively for our financial models, and this product greatly speeds up our productivity! Large workbooks are easily compared and merged. Drag-n-drop feature for merging workbooks is fantastic. I suggest it to everyone.
Cons: I like all features in this product.
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