Spreadsheet Tools releases xlCompare 3.3.1

xlCompare is an ultimate Excel comparison and merging tool. It performs complete comparison of the Excel workbooks and gives you list of found discrepancies. Primary feature of the xlCompare – is to produce as accurate comparison results as possible. Getting accurate workbook comparison results is highly important and may cost you a lot of wasted time.
In the version 3.3.1 we’ve added a number of merging features to the xlCompare. Now you can in one click combine 2 worksheets, create intersection of the worksheets – extract duplicated records and find difference between two lists – extract records from worksheet 1 which are not present in the worksheet 2 and vice versa. Also this version has reworked API, which exposes xlCompare functions in the VBA code or in the external applications.
These features extend area where you can use xlCompare. When you are working with pricelists or accounting statements, one of the daily tasks is to combine 2 lists into single one, to add new positions to your price. Or find which items are not present in the old\new pricelist. In the previous versions of xlCompare these actions can be performed in several steps – you should compare two worksheets and then merge records. Now you can perform this action in one click. If you need to get the results immediately without reviewing matching records, xlCompare will do it for you. It compares 2 worksheets which contain lists of data and combines them into single one using a Primary Key column. All these operations are based on the xlCompare Comparison Engine which can be used to achieve various results, not only to compare workbooks, cells and VBA modules.
Using API allows you to compare worksheets from the VBA macro and to work with comparison results. If your application takes 2 worksheets as input and should compare it and analyze – you should not program this yourself. You can use xlCompare Add-In to get the comparison results immediately.
This release has also such features like – group differences by row\column, display difference between changed numbers and export comparison report into Excel workbook, HTML or text format.
xlCompare supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010, including Windows 7 64-bit and Excel 2010 64-bit version.
Launched in 2006 Spreadsheet Tools specializes in the development of Excel Add-in and has already gained its popularity with workbook auditing tool Dependency Auditor, and LockXLS – workbook copy protection software. Upon request, any necessary option can be added in the product for free.
Product Page: www.xlCompare.com
Company Page: www.SpreadsheetTools.com
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