Excel Compare.

Many Excel users performs excel spreadsheet comparison operations on the daily basis. This operation may take hours and be too complex if you are working with large and complex excel workbooks.
xlCompare decreases this time to seconds! Even workbooks which have several Mb in size is compared in a seconds. This fast Excel comparison tool finds all differences and show it to you using Difference Browser Window. This is easy-to-use navigation feature, which allows you to quickly review differences and merge the one's you need.
Color-coded comparison report looks like original workbook in Excel. You can work with it like you are working with Excel workbook.
You can use this tool from command line on the PC with Microsoft Excel to compare workbooks, worksheets or specific ranges. In Excel workbooks it compares Names and VBA Projects.
xlCompare is a powerful and handy add-on! Visit Download Excel Compare page to try it now.
Download xlCompare