Excel Compare 2010.

Now more and more users install Excel 2010 64-bit. Usual 32-bit add-ins doesn’t work with this version of Excel. You install Add-in on your PC, but you don’t see it in the list of Excel’s Add-ins. File is present but Excel can’t load it. Spreadsheet Tools published xlCompare for Excel 2010 64-bit. You can download this file from the Download Excel Compare Tool 2010 page on our website.
xlCompare for Excel 2010 64-bit works exactly in the same way as with 32-bit version of Excel. It is same fast and easy to use tool. You select workbooks and get comprehensive comparison report.
xlCompare is an Excel Compare Tool which supports all version of Excel, including Excel 2010 64-bit.
To determine which setup you should use, visit this page: Which version should I install?.
xlCompare is a powerful and handy add-on! Visit Download Excel Compare page to try it now.
Download xlCompare