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Welcome to the xlCompare 2016 Help Library

xlCompare 2016 is a new generation of the xlCompare utility - software for comparing and merging Microsoft Excel workbooks.

In the past xlCompare was an add-in for Microsoft Excel. It used Excel to open and display workbooks, merge results, ... Now xlCompare is a standalone application. xlCompare doesn't depend on the Excel or any another application. We've created it on the our own spreadsheet calculation engine, created for xlCompiler project. Now you don't need Excel to open workbooks and work with xlCompare.

This approach give us ability to improve speed of the comparison and put focus of the application into the comparison job. The application was created for comparison only and it should done this job perfectly. Now we can implement any feature in the software - it is not limited by the options offered by Excel.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our product. This is our primary goal. At this moment not all spreadsheet features are present in our product. If you need a specific feature which is not present now - let us know and we'll implement it faster.