Compare and merge Microsoft® Excel® worksheets, names and VBA Projects
VBA Comparison Report Commands
VBA Comparison Report Commands
xlCompare gives you quick access to these commands in the VBA Comparison Report dialog:
Navigation Buttons. These buttons allows you to quickly select first, previous, next and last differences in the list.
Merge Buttons. You can add selected lines of code to another workbook. Use these buttons to merge deleted or added lines.
Delete Selection. Use this button to deleted selected lines of code. Code is deleted from the active window.
Save Comparison Report. This buttons allows you to select HTML file and save the comparison report into this file. More ...
Go To Line. Use this button when you need to go to the specific line.
Find, Find Next. Finds specific string in the code. After using Find command use can use Find Next to search for the current position.
Copy to clipboard. Copies selected lines of code to clipboard.
Save left/right workbook. Saves left/right workbook.
Some of these commands are present in the right-click menu in the VBA code window: