Compare and merge Microsoft® Excel® worksheets, names and VBA Projects
Get new version of xlCompare
Get new version of xlCompare.
Spreadsheet Tools continuously improves Workbook Comparison Tool. Updates to this product become available periodically. Each update contains new features, bug-fixes and updated Help Library.
We suggest you to download and install updates, as it brings new features and makes usage of xlCompare more efficient.
Once a week xlCompare automatically connects to our website and checks for an updated version. If newer version is available you will be prompted and download it and install.
Go to xlCompare website button opens page in your browser. This page contains brief description of the features added in the most recent versions and contains a download link.
If you do not want to download updates in future - please check I do not want to download updates option and xlCompare will never check for updates in future.
New version of xlCompare should not be re-activated. If you've activated xlCompare on your PC, you can install updates and use it without activation.