Compare and merge Microsoft® Excel® worksheets, names and VBA Projects
How to order and activate xlCompare
How to order and activate xlCompare.
xlCompare, published on our website is a full-functional evaluation version, limited with a 15-days trial period. To use xlCompare after this period you should purchase a license. If you need to extend your evaluation period, please contact us.
All pricing information and instructions how to pay registration fee you can find on our website
To activate your copy please use Activate button on the ribbon in the Excel 2007/2010:
In the Excel 2003/2002/2000 use Enter Activation Code button or toolbar command:
This command shows Activation Dialog:
To complete activation, you should enter the following information from your Share-It order:
  • e-mail, used when you've placed your order
  • order ref#, sent to you from the Share-It, when your order was approved
When all information is entered, press the OK button. xlCompare connects to the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service and activates the software on-line.
Please, note: We need some time to receive information about your order from the Share-It and add it to the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service. Usually this is done within a hour, but sometimes it may take up to 12 hours.
In the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service you can see all available licenses and activation codes generated for your PCs. To login to your account you should use your registration e-mail as login and share-it order ref# as password.
If xlCompare is unable to login to the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service, you can activate it manually, using second option in the activation dialog:
To complete activation please do the following:
  • Login to the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service
  • Select Activation Codes tab
  • Copy Computer Code from the activation dialog into clipboard and paste into Customer Service Area
  • Press Generate button
  • Copy generated Activation Code into activation dialog and press OK button to complete registration process