Compare and merge Microsoft® Excel® worksheets, names and VBA Projects
Quick Merge Toolbar
Quick Merge Toolbar.
xlCompare has Quick Merge toolbar which allows you to quickly and visually resolve differences found between compared worksheets.
10 commands resolve all possible types of differences:
New row which has been added to the right workbook can be copied to the left sheet or deleted from the right sheet.
Row, which has been deleted from the left worksheet and can't be found on the right sheet, can be copied to the right worksheet or deleted from the left sheet.
Added and deleted columns has similar merging commands (highlighted on the screenshot). You can copy column to another worksheet or delete it.
Modified cell can be copied from the right worksheet to the left one or from the left to right. These 2 commands performs copy operations.
Enabled commands on the Quick Merge toolbar depend from the type of difference selected in the list. When nothing is selected, no commands is available. Each time only 2 merging commands, which relate to the selection, are available.