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Download xlCompare 2016

Version: 5.0

Download Size: 3.5 Mb

File Name: xlCompare.msi

Installation instructions:

  • Download and save setup file.
  • Run installation wizard.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you would like to use xlCompare commands directly from Excel application, please use previous version implemented as COM Add-in for Excel:

xlCompare 3.3.9 for 32-bit Excel


xlCompare 3.3.9 for 64-bit Excel


xlCompare Requirements:

So, there are no special requirement for this software.

Setup package published above is suitable for all versions of Windows and Excel.

Compare Excel Workbooks

xlCompare is an ultimate tool for excel spreadsheet comparison. Only with xlCompare you can quickly compare large amount of data and get accurate comparison results. It processes cell values, formulas, array formulas, defined names, cell formatting options, ... You are getting comprehensive color-coded comparison report for your data.

Compare Visual Basic Projects

Compare VBA Projects is a realy complex task. This is not a usual text file comparison. xlCompare gives you a powerful tool which can do all you need for Visual Basic code comparison and merging. This tool is a must-have utility for a VBA developers and programmers who work in the team environment.

xlCompare is the most complete comparison utility for Visual Basic Projects

xlCompare processed not only Code Modules in the VB Project, but the Form objects also. It detects:

You can not only detect the differences, but merge all of them also. If you're co-worker has added new module into his development version, you can merge it into main codebase in single click!

10+ Time Saving functions

xlCompare gives you set of commands to:

Extended View mode

This feature displays updated cell values on the worksheet. This is the most native representation of the changes.

xlCompare:Extended View

Display Difference option gives you ability to see updated value and difference. Sometimes updated value is not so important as difference between values. This option displays the information you need on the worksheet. Just browse worksheet and see the differences.

Bulk Merge and Undo commands

If you are working with a big datasets: You needs in quick and powerful merge commands which allows to manipulate whole worksheets.
xlCompare gives you Bulk Merge Operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.

Bulk merge command

Save comparison report in the external file

xlCompare allows you to save comparison report on disk in the HTML or Text formats. You can use this report for future use. HTML format allows to use all power of the HTML language to create presentation for compared data. More information on this feature you find in Save comparison report on disk topic.

Version control features

Command Line mode makes xlCompare powerful tool for version control. Not all Excel Comparison applications are suitable for version conrol. You can integrate xlCompare into modern version control \ source control applications as an external file viewer. You will be able to compare and merge Excel workbooks and add-ins in the XLS \ XLA \ XLSX \ XLSM \ XLAM file formats.

The setup package, you can download above, is completely free. When you install it on your PC it starts working as evaluation version.

Evaluation version of the xlCompare is limited only by working period. There are no limitations in the functionality. You can use it without registration for 30 days. If you need to use Excel Compare Tool after this period - you should purchase a license. More information about pricing and ordering options you can find on the Order Now page.

If you have already activated your Excel Compare and want to upgrade it to the newer version, you also should install this setup. Newer version of Excel Compare uses registration information from your previous version. You should not re-register the software.

To remove limitation you must activate the software. Instructions, on how to pay registration fee and activate the xlCompare are available on the Buy Online page.

Visit History of Changes page to find detailed information about each update. We publish updates very recently, so we suggest you to visit our website from time to time and download updated versions of the xlCompare.

We hope that you will enjoy our Excel Comparison Software. If you have any questions, please contact us on the Contact Spreadsheet Tools Page.

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